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Letters of Sakarya İn Digital Environment
Letters of Sakarya in Digital Environment

Letters of Sakarya in Digital Environment

Within the master thesis of Ali Yıldırım, The "Letters of Sakarya" project, prepared under the consultancy of its member Murat Ertürk, is being opened to digital access with the virtual exhibition as of July 26, 2020. Products such as handwritten signs, plates, apartment names, glass writings, graffiti on the streets of Sakarya dating back to the 1950s are presented at sakaryaninharfleri.com.The findings obtained through field research are presented on an interactive map on the web page of Sakarya's Letters, offering the opportunity to examine the products based on location. Even if the products disappear, a public archive is created where the product can be seen in which location, even years later, with the created web page. The products photographed by field research, the CVs of artisans, video interviews, local data, which will contribute to the city's visual communication and design history, are also a visual archive that will be presented as an open source for years.