Haberler 25 August 2021
Research Assistant Semih Oduncu's work is in the i…
Poster designs prepared by Semih Oduncu from our Visual Communication Design department; He was selected for various competitions held in Italy, Poland and Peru. Oduncu's poster designs were organ… View →

Haberler 25 August 2021
Visual Communication Design Student's Work is at B…
Painting, sculpture, photography and video, graphic design, visual communication design, printing throughout TurkeyThe selection of the BASE exhibition, which brings together the works of new graduate… View →

Haberler 17 August 2021
Two finalists from SAU Visual Communication Design…
In the Future Communicators Competition, which was held for the seventh time this year by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), the works that passed the preliminary evaluation and made … View →

Haberler 14 June 2021
The graduation projects of the final year students…
The graduation projects of the final year students of Sakarya University Visual Communication Design Department are exhibited in the virtual environment this year as well. The works produced throughou… View →

Haberler 23 May 2021
The Posters of 4 Students Have Been Selected for t…
The posters of 4 students were selected for the Istanbul Aydın University International Student Biennial within the scope of our Three Dimensional Modeling and Design course. Our students; We congratu… View →

Haberler 7 May 2021
GMK Campus is at 18:00 on Monday, May 10, 2021!
Organized by Graphic Designers Professional Organization (GMK), "GMK Campus" event is organized in cooperation with Sakarya University Visual Communication Design Department GMK Campus … View →